Pal im Netz: Savoy

  • Savoy now has their own official MySpace page, which can be found here:
    Savoy myspace
    Lauren thinks MySpace is 'very cool' and has been setting up the page in recent days. However it's a work in progress; "I thought we could do something different on myspace. I would like it to be a collaboration with people who like the music and the band. We can work on it together." It's not clear yet what form the collaboration will take, but given the features MySpace offers, it will be a page to watch!

  • Wo ist das jetzt her? Gab in den letzten Tagen nämlich schon eine andere Seite, die sich dann aber als unecht rausstellte.

    Edit: habs gesehen, steht auf

    Nun fehlt noch der gute Morten in MySpace, aber das wird es wohl nicht geben.

    Abgesehen davon, warum machen die bloß alle Soloseiten und nicht eine a-ha Seite dort ;-)

    Answers are death, questions are life
    (M. Harket, 15. September 2007)

  • Lauren hat wieder gepostet:

    * das Album ist nahezu fertig (enthält Mixe von alten Songs und neue Songs)

    * sie haben einen Vertrag mit Universal worldwide und fangen nun mit dem Video an

    * sie waren wohl im Urlaub in Norwegen (weil sie s
    chrieb, dass sie nach Schweden gefahren sind um billig Wein zu kaufen....kleine Anmerkung meinerseits: sogar Millionäre sparen..sehr löblich)

    Answers are death, questions are life
    (M. Harket, 15. September 2007)

  • 28 Jan 2007, 09:00
    and mastering
    where were we?
    I see Patty Smith walking around the village nearly everyday. It's so strange to see someone iconic like she is, stopping off to buy some gum. You know what I mean?

    We have now finished mastering most of the album with George Marino.
    It was great to hear the songs on huge speakers.
    I'm getting that pre album buzz that comes when you feel you've done a good job and worked hard. No one has heard it yet so you can still pretend it's amazing and you can walk around feeling like you've got a secret. It's my favorite part of making an album and i'll be a little sad when it's over.

  • Grundgütiger, machen Mags und Pal jetzt noch schnell einen Wettstreit daraus, noch schnell was vor Morten zu veröffentlichen? :grin: "Bottomless pitt" höre ich mir gerade an - gefällt mir sehr gut. :)

  • ja, mir auch, sehr gut sogar! und ich schätze diese art des schaffens: machen statt stunden -, äh, ich meine natürlich - JAHRELANG drüber quatschen. MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORTEN :roll: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    "Harket er romkapteinen som sprer stjernestøv og englesang i øynene og ørene på oss dødelige"

  • Das sind doch aber keine neuen Songs! Sie sind nur neu auf MySpace geladen...
    ("Bottomless Pit" und "Ocean Floor" sind vom Album "Mountains Of Time", "Girl One" von "Savoy" und "You Should Have Told Me" von "Lackluster Me")

  • oh :lol: ! danke für die info. da kann man mal sehen, wie gut hier so mancher in der materie drinsteckt :-P .

    "Harket er romkapteinen som sprer stjernestøv og englesang i øynene og ørene på oss dødelige"


    You are cordially invited to a special evening with Morten Harket, Savoy and Magne F to take place at The Royal Albert Hall Saturday May 24, 2008, at 8:00 PM.

    No, you did not misread the above: You will get three performances for the price of one, in - we dare say - quite an unusual combination.

    We cannot promise that these three artists will join forces, as they have been known to do on other festive occasions around the world, but there is widespread speculation within the organization of some sort of special appearance.

    What does that mean? Well that..s for us to know and definitely for you to find out.

    One word of caution: If you expect to see a regular show by the musical group known as a-ha, we kindly ask you to wait for the next scheduled performance convenient to your location.

    Tickets inprime locations are on sale right now at, and go on sale through regular outlets on Friday February 1.
    We're offering an exclusive presale to members of a-ha's online community.
    To participate in the sale, make sure you sign up for a Shop account.

    Greetings from the Team

  • Royal Albert Hall


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