Set List suggestions for Cast In Steel Tour 2016

  • If you're tired to see always the same set list again, again, and again maybe we can suggest a new set list for the 'Cast In Steel Tour 2016' - it's the 30th anniversary i think they can make an effort!! :hallo:

  • My songs suggestions .....:hallo:

    Mythomania (cast in steel)
    Giving Up The Ghost (cast in steel)
    Under the Make Up (cast in Steel)
    She's Humming A Tune (cast in steel)
    How Sweet It Was (memorial beach)
    Memorial beach (memorial beach)
    Lamb To the Slaughter (memorial beach)
    Waiting for her (east of the sun west of the moon)
    Maybe maybe (scoundrel days)
    here i stand and face the rain (Hunting high and low)
    Out of blue comes green (stay on these roads)
    Orange on apple trees (lifelines)

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