Take On Me in NETS-Werbung aus Singapur

  • Das bargeldlose Bezahlsystem NETS aus Singapur hat eine neue Werbekampagne namens #NETSTakeOnMe gestartet. Dementsprechend ist "Take On Me" auch die Musik dazu.


    “Through this campaign, we wanted to set a tone and tenor where we are bold, fresh, playful, energised and confident. The song used in the new ads was also a deliberate choice. A-Ha’s ‘Take On Me’, became a huge hit globally in 1985, the same year when NETS was founded.”



    In 1985, Norwegian pop band A-ha was riding the charts with the hit single Take On Me. Thirty-five years later, the band is touring again, with its first ever concert in Singapore slated for March 21. Let the good times roll What's old can be new again, which is why Singapore payment provider NETS, also founded in 1985, has launched its first brand refresh in 35 years, ...


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