ME/MS Listening Party by 10.6. 20:00 BST (21:00 bei uns)

  • Es gibt am MIttwoch eine ME/MS Listening Party über Twitter:


    I'm happy to admit I'm a sucker for anything a-ha related. Early last year, Dan Bull and Will Warren, who run the Track-By-Track podcast, were kind enough to invite me to be a guest on their show to discuss the Norwegian band's debut album Hunting High and Low. Of course I said yes, and if you are interested you can listen to that episode on Spotify.

    The reason I mention this now is because this Wednesday is the 20th anniversary of a-ha's 'comeback' album Minor Earth Major Sky and Track-By-Track are doing one of their lockdown 'Tweet-A-Longs' where we all listen to the album and tweet comments and maybe answer a few questions. They've asked if I can 'co-host' and once they assured me that that didn't involve anything approaching hard work, I said I'd be happy to!

    So do join us on twitter this Wednesday 10 June at 20.00 BST (which is UTC-1). The worst that will happen is that you'll listen to a great album, but hopefully we can have some fun and me and the guys may even contribute something approaching 'insight' with regards to the album, in terms of why it was important to the band and how it ushered in a new era for Morten, Paul and Magne!

    So hopefully, see you there, but for now have a good week and stay safe.…dc1c80ffbae25398&m=Uz3c9i

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