The Masked Singer UK - Ist "Viking" unser Morten?


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    Hier nochmal eine schöne Zusammenfassung von Viking:)

  • In einem Interview mit der DailyMail hat Davina McCall folgendes gesagt:


    ‘I nearly fell off my chair when I saw it was him,’ she recalls. Viking – hit 80s group A-Ha’s lead singer Morten Harket – was another favourite. ‘He was so funny because when he took the helmet off he did sort of look exactly like the mask,’ she laughs. ‘And he was very serious, wasn’t he?’…les-coping-menopause.html

    Ja, klar... Morten ist ein rothaariger, bärtiger und zu kurz und breit geratener Wikinger mit Knollennase... :roll::lol: Oh Mann...

    Aber ja, er war doch wirklich recht ernst...



  • OK, da ich solche shows n icht mag und keinen Zugang zum UK-TV habe, ist das komplett an mir vorbei gegangen.

    Aber schon cool, dass er bei sowas mitmacht.

    Hab jetzt alles nachgelesen und gesehen hier und muss euch zustimmen: songbird war der Hammer, der Rest so naja. Aber erkannt habe ich seine Stimme beim songbird auch. Nur die anderen Lieder brachten seine Stimme nicht so gut raus.

    Übrigens habe ich hier zum ersten mal vom cover der Band A1 gehört... und muss sagen, ich finde es absolut grottig, unter aller Kanone. Dass das irgendwo in den charts war, kann nur am Song selbst liegen, nicht an der Performance dieser furchtbaren band.

    LG Sandra

    -----a-ha----- 8.2.1986 - 04.12.2010 - 2021 tbc-----a-ha-----
    ...Morten was my first love- and he will be my last!...

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    Viking - Morten Harket


    Viking had one of the best costumes on The Masked Singer UK so far and looked like a character fans would find in an Asterix and Obelix comic book. He also surprised the judges multiple times with his choice of songs as well as the deep and emotional way he bought them to life on the stage.

    Morten Harket was the person behind this mask and he is certainly no stranger to the world of music and performing, being the lead singer of A-ha, the Norwegian band responsible for the '80s hit "Take On Me." His reveal surprised many as no one could guess him with his choice of songs and his unique singing voice. He may not have won, but he certainly conquered the stage.

  • Er mal wieder... das scheint ihn echt zu verfolgen!

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    Morten Harket, the lead singer of A-ha, was on once. I knew there was a lead singer of A-ha but I didn't know his name. The producers told me but I couldn't for the life of me remember. All I could think when I was interviewing him was it's not Morgan Freeman.