A snake as a pet

  • This is a true story

    A man in his 30s had been a snake lover for years.

    He decided to save up and buy an aquarium cage for his future python.

    He buys his python from professional sellers who explain to him how to take care of it.

    Everything has been going well for months

    The man decides to have a closer relationship with his snake, in the same way as one can have with a dog or a cat for example.

    He decided to sleep with his python in his bed, everything went well for several days, then one day the python refused to eat and was very agitated at night in his master's bed.

    After a week the man decided to take his python to the vet because it refused to eat and was extremely agitated at night.

    After all the necessary tests, the vet told him that his snake was not sick.

    Then he told her that her python was very agitated at night when it slept in its bed because it simply measured the size and weight of its master and that it had put its stomach to rest, so it had been fasting for several days just to be able to devour its master.

    it is a python and not a poodle!